Contributor Application

We are searching for contributors.

We are currently searching for 2-3 people who want to contribute their knowledge, ideas, and experiences to our publishing platform.

About Canada Nightlife

Canada Nightlife ( is an online magazine featuring restaurants, bars, events, parties, and artists we love and endorse.

Established in Montreal, we also have a small presence in Ottawa and Toronto (and hopefully more cities to be added soon).

The platform allows tastemakers and influencers to publish Entertainment, Food, Music, Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, and Behind The Scenes driven content to a young demographic of adults and professionals eager to consume and share new information online.

We are currently a small team who work together remotely (we collaborate online). We are artists, we are creators, we are explorers, we are adventure seekers, and we all have our own story to share. United, we believe in producing high quality editorial content, packed with relevant information and visually appealing media content.

Our mission

Our mission is to inform young Montreal adults with valuable and current information in order to help them make an educated decision before going out.

Being a contributor

Being a contributor is perfect for someone looking for a side project. Our contributors are people who are already out exploring the many cultural happenings our beautiful city has to offer. There are many benefits of being a contributor of a reputable cultural magazine. Attend exclusive events, eat at the cities coolest restaurants, and mingle with some of the cities most influential people. All of this in hopes of discovering an angle for your next article.

The benefits

Publishing content from our platform allows our contributors some self-promotion in the following way:

  1. A head shot will be associated to each of your articles.
  2. A short biography will be associated to each of your articles telling our readers who you are, what you do, what makes you special, and why they need to follow you.
  3. Links to any relevant social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) will send our readers to you.

Who are our contributors?

The contributors selected to write for our columns are influencers & tastemakers in their social circles. They also have a distinct set of skills and/or are extremely knowledgable in their respective field of work. Our contributors are active on social media networks and have a general understanding of the online media landscape.

1) If you are always out and about, eating at the coolest restaurants, attending the hottest events, and most importantly if your friends are always asking YOU what they should do this weekend – we want you to write with us. Use your knowledge to help our readers navigate through your city just as you do.


2) If you are a chef, a bartender, a dj, a waiter, a host, or occupy any other position in the industry, as well as being very passionate about your job – we want you to write with us. We want your insider information published to help our readers navigate through your city just as you do.

Using your voice, opinions, pictures and art, you will have the ability to shape the online conversation with regards to Canada’s Nightlife/Entertainment/Restaurant scene.

Contributor requirements

  1. Passion.
  2. Be an influencer and/or tastemaker in your social circle.
  3. A general understanding of social media and the online media landscape.
  4. Own a laptop.
  5. Commitment to publish 3-6 articles per month.
  6. Strong communication skills: written, grammar & punctuation.
  7. Live in Montreal, Ottawa, or Toronto.

Application must contain

  1. Cover Letter – tell us about yourself, who you are, what you do and why you want to contribute.
  2. Resume.
  3. Links to prior published writings (if applicable).
  4. How many articles per month you are willing to contribute (between 3 and 6+).
  5. Links to your facebook, twitter, instagram and google + profile.
  6. List 3 article ideas you think would fit with our readers.
  7. Which columns you want to contribute to: Food & Drinks, Entertainment, Music Festivals, Lifestyle, Music.
  8. 1 sample article*

*Once you submit your application our team will review it and get back to you promptly. If we are interested in your candidature you will be asked to submit one sample article. This article will not be published. It is used to determine your creative writing abilities. You will receive directions for your sample article once we’ve gotten to know you a bit better.

**Read carefully – make sure you answer all the questions and provide all the information asked for. Applications missing information will be discarded.

Please send your application to with a subject “Contributor Application”.