4 Romantic Restaurants In Old Montreal Perfect For Valentines Day

‘Tis the season of love! Valentine’s day is approaching faster than most of us expect it to.

It’s a day dedicated to love, whether it’s the love you have for your friends, your family or your special someone.

In my case, that love is somewhat equally distributed between my entourage and food.

That being said, I decided to focus on one of the most romantic places in the city; the Old Port of Montreal.

Without further ado and in no particular order, here are 4 great restaurants offering a special Valentine’s Day menu for you and your loved ones.


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Situated on St-Paul ouest, Modavie offers the perfect combination of music, food and good wine.

Known for their jazz nights and the amazing lamb they prepare, it has become a renowned spots in Old-Montreal.

Likewise, the staff and the service are great. Everything about this place makes you feel at home, from the wooden bar to the brick walls to the dim yet clear lighting.



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Located in Hotel Nelligan, this restaurant possesses a very intimate and charming atmosphere.

When you enter, the first thing you notice is the wine cellar, on the right, facing the bar.

Just as you walk passed that, you notice the big red cozy booths that provide some sort of privacy and comfort and to the complete left of the dining area, huge glass windows.

The french-inspired-cuisine-with-a-twist is one to discover.

I had the chance to taste one of their deserts and I have only one word: orgasmic.




With one of the most extensive sake lists in Montreal, KYO takes the traditional concept of Izakaya to a whole other level.

Right in the heart of Place d’Armes, you can find what I call authentic japanese food.

You can find exotic items such as beef tongue and Japanese “crêpes”.

That being said, do I even have to remind you that sushi is a great aphrodisiac?




There are so many reasons why Suite 701 is the place to be.

This restaurant offers a contemporary twist on classic brasserie cuisine. A lot of their dishes are Quebec inspired.

Their cocktails are good, but the highlights are the martinis and sangrias – especially the white sangria.

The big curtains and windows give a nice elegant feel and the vibe is a little more laid-back, which isn’t a bad thing!


One thing is certain, Valentines Day is a celebration with the means to highlight the love you have for the important people in your life. So go ahead, take the time to connect or even more reconnect over a delicious glass of wine and beautifully prepared dish at one of the establishments mentioned above.

What are your V-Day traditions? Let us know in the comments below!

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