2 Montrealers Opened A Bagel Shop Yesterday In New York City And Sold Out Instantly

Two native Montrealers, Noah Bernamoff and Joel Tietolman, have taken it upon themselves to introduce authentic Montreal Style Bagels to the streets of New York City. From their newly opened restaurant Black Seed, they will cook and serve authentic wood fired bagels, finally giving New Yorkers a taste of Montreal quality bagels.

Their first official day of operation was yesterday. It went extraordinarily well, so well they sold out of bagels and had to close for the remaining part of the day. Bernamoff told Eater NY they went through over a thousand bagels. The shop will be back in action tomorrow at 7 a.m.


Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Bagels, House-Made Cream Cheese, Sandwiches & Salads

In addition to bagels, they will be serving sandwiches, salads and don’t forget to try their house-made cream cheese.


Photo: Daniel Krieger

11-seat bagel-eating area

The Black Seed bagels are hand-rolled, poached in a kettle of alkalized water, then baked in a wood-burning oven. The whole process unfolding in full view of the 11-seat bagel-eating area.


Photo: Daniel Krieger

Will New Yorkers Like What Montreal Has To Offer Them?

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  1. Vinnie Cappuccio Jr.

    Two geniuses. Open a bagel store in lower Manhattan & only have 1000 bagels. Bet they closed real early. I will admit though. I am intrigued now. I've never heard people race about Montreal style bagels before. I'll have to give them a try.

  2. Benjamin Richards

    I have been mail-ordering boxed St-Viateur bagels since I moved to NY. I can't stand NY bagels and am obsessed with MTL ones. My all-time favorite where Fairmont but they don't do mail-orders. I have to try this new shop. My MTL bagel addiction is too expensive right now. So Excited! LOL

  3. Rochie Bloomstone-Rockoff

    Nothing like a piping hot bagel the night Passover ends from Montreal Kosher Factory off Jean Talon. Now that's a bagel!

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